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Playing with Materiality is a Independent Study, part of my master program. The purpose of this project, from an abstract perspective, is to explore materiality, document the process and find the best strategies to share the experience. The approach towards materiality is through the lenses of ephemerality. Therefore, the materials chosen for this project follows this theme. The least ephemeral is paper, the second one is food and the most ephemeral is sound.

So far, I have been exploring paper. However, this exploration also landed me on conductive thread exploration. The results of this experience were documented in the following images and videos:

In the first week, I was interested in the concept of “Paper Jewelry”. What caught my attention was how ironic the idea of combining objects that tend to be very rare and expensive with a material that was very common and cheap. I thought that adding LEDs would add the whimsical element to it. Also, I ended up playing with the effects of the LEDs and the glittery paper. After having meetings with my mentors, one of the things they pointed out was how interesting could be to explore different types of switches with the conductive thread. So that is what I did in the following week: