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a project made by:

Purnendu, Mariana Tamashiro & Rona Sadan 

Sonohaptics is a wearable device that enhances the music experience for music lovers, hard-of-hearing people and curious individuals who have the desire to try unusual haptic-music sensations.



The project consists of several output elements : 

  1. Pressure waving pneumatic
    We designed two waist straps made of six pneumatic pouches each. The straps and pouches were made of TPU coated Nylon fabric, heat-sealed with pieces of baking sheets.

    • First step: Iterating on different pouches patterns with trash bags. 

  • Second step : Prototyping the chosen pattern from the Nylon fabric. We used the laser cutter to cut both the straps and the baking sheet patterns. The straps are 28in width X 3in height , divided into two separate sides of 13 in each (we left one inch in the middle for wiring).  

The smaller piece on the top is for the back. The two other strips are for the waist.

The smaller piece on the top is for the back. The two other strips are for the waist.

  • Tubing:  We have inserted 4 tubes for each one of the pouches and connected the fifth tube to the upper part of the vest so it will blow air on the neck and will enhance goosebumps sensation.

  • Bass vibration
    We placed 8 vibration motor to simulate the bass sensation when the music is being played.

  • LED
    We placed Neopixels LEDs at the neck part that are mapped to music input.

  • Vest iterations

    From left to right:

    • Iteration #1: vest with trash bags

    • Iteration #2: vest with cloth

    • Iteration #3: vest with TPU, nylon and fabric

  • Code for the pneumatic valves here

  • Assembly

  • Set up for demo presentation

  • User testing