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[ate.lier] (noun): an artist's or designer's studio or workroom

If you came here from the navigation menu, try to find the secret door to my atelier on my homepage! 
If you came here through the door, you'll get a cookie 🍪

As a multi-passionate person, I've carved out this corner of my portfolio to share a glimpse of my current interests beyond work. 🎨


Think of it as a (soft) rebellion act against the pressure to specialize in just one thing. 

Here, you'll find some of my creative explorations as a lifelong learner. 


🖌️ Illustration:

Bringing everyday objects to life and sketching live events to capture memorable moments.


🔧 Tinkering:

Making unexpected combinations like guitar picks with LED circuits or candy automata.


🎶 Music:

Nothing specific, just pure love for singing my favorite songs and jamming on whatever instrument catches my eye.

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