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learning activities, workshops, talks


I've designed learning experiences for both informal and formal learning environments for the past 13 years.

I use constructionist and socio-cultural perspectives in the space design, facilitation, and documentation of activities.


Selected learning experiences:

Master Presentation Version 3 (4)_edited
Mariana's PhD Defense_edited.jpg

Warkshops and talks:


[1] Mariana Aki Tamashiro (2024). Designing for Low Floors and High Ceilings:  Scaffolding the Learning of Emerging Technologies. Invited speaker at Google (User Experience Design Team), (virtual). 


[2] Mariana Aki Tamashiro (2024). In Their (Small) Shoes: A Journey Into Child-Computer Interaction Design. Workshop at DeVinci Engineering School, Paris, France.


[3] Mariana Aki Tamashiro and Ricarose Roque (2022). Making Learning Visible in Constructionist Contexts. Paper presentation at the International Conference on Interaction Design and Children 2022. Braga, Portugal. 


[4] Mariana Aki Tamashiro and Liam Nielsen (2022). Programming Motion Graphics in Scratch for Beginners. Frontløberne – cultural association. Aarhus, Denmark 


[5] Mariana Aki Tamashiro, Celeste Moreno, Andrea DeVore (2021). Bring storybooks to life: creating interactions with playful digital tools. Workshop at PLAYFest 2021. University of St. Thomas, MN, USA (virtual). 


[6] Mariana Aki Tamashiro and Saskia Leggett (2021). Cultivating Creative Communities. Talk at 4th Nirun Şahingiray International Education Forum. Turkey (virtual). 


[7] Ryan Jenkins and Mariana Aki Tamashiro (2021). Cranky Contraptions - Tinkering with Movement. Workshop at Playing Together at a Distance Bootcamp. Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University. Aarhus, Denmark (virtual). 

[8] Ryan Jenkins, Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, Celeste Moreno, and Mariana Aki Tamashiro (2020-2021). Global Automata Tinkering. Workshop Series (virtual).

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